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In each country, engagements and discussions about the project have helped build insight into local conditions. These have included:

  • Introductory seminars hosted the University of KwaZulu-Natal and the University of Malawi, attended by key representatives from the academic community, government, and relevant civil society organisations 
  • Workshops to discuss the draft AGEE Framework
  • Interviews with key informants inviting reflections on particular local contexts, challenges, and strategies, and feedback on the AGEE Framework
  • Participation in academic conferences and workshops

Presentation of the AGEE Framework at international seminars and workshops has helped us gather feedback and refine ideas.  At the international level, engagement activities include:

  • Active engagement  and discussion with key international organisations, including UNGEI, UNESCO GEM Report, GCI, SIGI and GPE 
  • Annual international advisory committee meetings
  • Interviews with key informants inviting reflections on gender equality and inequalities cross-nationally, accountability processes and the AGEE Framework
  • Technical meeting, January 2019, jointly organised with UNESCO GEM Report 
  • Perspectives for the G7, May 2021 
  • Technical meeting, June 2021